Chris McWhirt


Each of the dogs I have had was proficient at squeaker removal. The dangerous part of that is the synthetic cotton usually comes first. So far, none have really swallowed much, if any.


I recommend smaller projects to start with. Short stories. Contest entries and made a short book. In my case, this was “Glory Daze”


While returning to Delphi from hunting at Salamonie, I saw a large, triangular black object going too low and too slowly above the road ahead of me. It passed slightly before I drove by it. Yes, it resembled a stealth fighter, but maybe it was using some kind of antigrav propulsion. That area is not far from Peru, Indiana, and Grissom AFB.

UFO Sightings I have had

This blog might explain a lot. …hoho.  First let me say I started getting interested in space and UFOs at a young age.  Could be started with TV at the time featuring Lost in Space, Star Trek, Twilight zone and Outer limits…movies as well.  I remember perusing shelves at the local stores in town for […]

Do you have what it takes to write a book- probably since I managed. 

Now there are a lot of tools out there which can help- I know virtually nothing about many of them but plan to investigate.  Nowadays with self-publishing and hybrid publishing and in conjunction with the internet help is a click away.  The help likely comes with a price tag though. Another tool or skill I […]

My border collies and earlier pets.

At least the family members will all know that Jesse in “Intervention” is modeled after my own amazing Border Collie of the same name- Jesse.  There are so many stories about him through his 14 year life.  I plan on sharing some of these.  One even involves a UFO.  “The Black and White of it” […]