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UFO Sightings I have had

UFO Sightings I have had

This blog might explain a lot. …hoho.  First let me say I started getting interested in space and UFOs at a young age.  Could be started with TV at the time featuring Lost in Space, Star Trek, Twilight zone and Outer limits…movies as well.  I remember perusing shelves at the local stores in town for comic books and finding UFO magazines as well.  With this in the back of your mind that is where the first encounter I recall happened.  I believe I was in 3rd grade and walking to school with my brother and neighbor.  About a block down one of us spotted something in the sky.  It wasn’t a plane or helicopter.  I think it was my brother who said there was something hanging from it.  I think it was greyish in color but the other two may remember that better.  We ran the block home and told my mom who I think at least humored us to come out for a quick look.  I think she chalked it  up to over active imaginations.  The three of us still remember it though.  How many memories do you even have from 3rd grade?  Actually I have quite a few. 

Periodically I will update this blog with sightings that occurred at other times in my life. 

Jan 23 2024

I can’t remember the specific year(possibly 1967) but remember on one summer night with daylight gone we were playing tag when suddenly night turned to day as large meteor flew over and reportedly crashed in Canada. With both experiences and the us neighborhood kids continued to look up and marvel at the night sky.

Feb 7, 2024

The Delphi Indiana sightings. In the early 2000s during the time of the Kokomo boom flap and other orange ball of light sightings. I observed what some said were flares. Well, they didn’t fall and were smokeless. Many times, they blinked on and off in a sequence. Once I shown a laser pointer at one and it coincidently blinked off. The area was featured on an episode of UFO hunters. Something unusual was going on. During the same time our puppy Jesse would often run away. On one of these occasions, I was out looking for him and calling for him. Our edition had many trees. At the corner of the road, I I looked up and saw a silvery stationary object that appeared to drop a shiny silver filament which almost immediately vanished. I was on a dog finding mission, so I headed back toward my house and glanced in a tree covered ditch and low and behold there was the puppy. I saw the orange ball of light phenomenon several times as did others.

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  1. I remember talking with you at work about three orange lights high in the sky. They were spread far apart and in triangle formation. They would blink and change location over time.
    The one I remember most from childhood was from middle school. I was riding my bike in late afternoon and there was a silver cigar shaped object at tree top height moving silently. I followed it for about three blocks. I was full of wonder.

    Then one which I saw on a nightly news program right here in Fort Wayne. The reporter told of the orange light which was traveling up and down on the south east side of town. The cameraman got a shot of it. The next day I tried looking it up on the news. Nothing to be found. Like it was being covered up! Definitely happened and definitely scrubbed.

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