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What if an alien presence did crash and was recovered, as stated at the recent Congressional UFO hearing of 2023? What if the government has been working with them for 70 years as an ally, guiding us through tough times? We may never know the truth unless, of course, we see it firsthand and are working alongside them. Whether by fate, serendipity, or design, our characters are thrust into a struggle to save their family and save the Earth. A cosmic chess game spanning generations has been unfolding. Humanity’s best ally is dead… but they prepared well.

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"Glory Daze"

Glory Daze transports the reader to a small town situated amongst cornfields of Indiana and the late 1960s. Fun could be had on the baseball diamonds known as sandlots. Trouble could also be found without much effort. This book relates some of the ups and downs of a game that often has more downs than ups. It explores pain of a first strike out to the joy of that first hit. In a time of great change and molded in the crucible of the hot sandlot, we all pretty much turned out okay.